Cultural &
Historical Field Trips

Cultural and historical tours a specialty of Cilu Bintang Estate

As an old, well established, island family with a passion for the preservation of Banda Islands culture and history, the owners of Cilu Bintang Estate are ideally positioned to provide cultural and historical tours of exceptional depth and quality. Each island possesses a long and colourful history highlighted by many interesting remnants. Traditional Bandanese culture is still vibrantly alive, just waiting to enchant you with the mysteries of ages past.
Whether picnicking on a private nutmeg plantation, strolling the battlements of an ancient fort, or observing an authentic cakalele dance, a clear concise exposition of the culture, history, and events that formed each islands distinct heritage will enhance the experience.

Fort Belgica towers above Banda Neira. Cilu Bintang Estate is located at its slopes.

Tours through Cilu Bintang Estate are custom crafted to to the requirements of our guests. Tour companions are multilingual bandanese known and respected in the community. Each has been carefully selected for their depth of knowledge and understanding of local history and the culture.