Photographic Expeditions

Photographic expeditions in the Banda Islands, both above and below the water, will have you clicking away from the soft pastel light of dawn until the golden rays of sunset. The light is spectacular and the subjects endless. The Bandanese are friendly people who welcome your attention and, unless busy, will usually be happy to pose for a few shots of their colourful lifestyle. The children are fantastic, always ready to jump into the picture and do what ever you like, be it posing along an ancient wall or paddling a dugout canoe. From vast panoramas to tight close-ups, fantastic light, historical remains, stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, abundant nature, cultural ceremonies, and friendly attractive people conspire to make the original spice islands a cameraman's paradise.

Under water your lens will discover a vibrant plethora of colourful marine life. With 300 types of healthy coral and over 500 species of fish and other underwater life to choose from the possibilities for great shots are endless.

Follow in the footsteps of legendary documentary film makers from BBC, Swiss Rond Schau TV, Spanish TVE, Der Spiegel, National Geographic, and Paris Match, who have taken advantage of Cilu Bintang Estate's unrivaled knowledge of these picturesque islands and their maritime surroundings. There is still a lot they missed, waiting for you to capture that perfect moment.

For special photographic assignments or film production please contact Cilu Bintang Estate. We have the local knowledge, and experience, to insure your success.

A bit of advice: Since these islands are in the tropics, from roughly 11:00 - 15:00, direct vertical sunlight light takes on a high contrast harsh feeling. Those are times to either work with reflectors, in the shade, or within one of the many interesting historical sites. On the other hand, why not enjoy leisurely lunch followed by a refreshing siesta, before the afternoon shooting begins. We highly recommend you bring along Polaroid (to reduce reflections and produce denser colours) and strong UV filters. The water is so transparent that properly managed a polaroid filter can often make it seem to disappear.